Interactive Swarm Nests 5.0! DADA 2017 in Nanjing

This is from a 9 day workshop of DADA we just completed in Nanjing Sept, 2017. I am the TA of this course and guided the students along the design, fabrication and assembly of the interactive installation Swarm Nests 5.0. This installation is a continuation of s serious of installation started since  Interactive Swarm Nests 1.0 for Milan Triennale X 2016.

The concept of the design started from the traditional toy of Guoguo Cage that are often sold in the cities. By keeping a small noisy insect inside the bamboo cage, the toy creates a vivid nostalgia for the bucolic country life for the residence of the city.


See down here for concept images, diagrams and previous samples:

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