Interactive Spatial Formation in Virtual Reality

Author: Dan Luo, Weiguo Xu

Architecture School, Tsinghua University, Beijing China

Abstract: Development of technology has transformed how we perceive and design space. The emerging virtual reality technology made it possible for users to form the space interactively in real time through their behavior and performance in the designated space. In this project, we utilized a procedure generation process in a virtual reality space supported by Google Daydream platform developed in Unity3D.

During the design process, as the user moves freely in the VR space, point cloud of diverse density are generated around the user. The points would function as seeds to erode the filled space into corridors and effect spaces with a cellular automata process as natural erosion occurs. During the process, space is formed interactively via the natural movement and flow of the users. The users in the simulated space can both influence the quality of space and review it at the same time by simply moving around at their own will, without special or professional training.

In this design method, space is the direct result of human movement. The interactive procedures applied enable the none professional users to influence the formation of the space intuitively with understanding of spatial quality in real time and human scale, Moreover, as the result of previous erosion influence the behavior and movement of users in return, the process creates an erosion- influence-new erosion dynamic feedback loop, making the design scheme develop dynamically through time, with the interaction between the ever-changing space and the users, which is very different from the traditional static analysis to design method. Thus, the application of virtual reality in this design scenario could provided a more intuitive and dynamic design environment comparing to traditional design method, offering an example of potentially how the technology would transform the way we approach design in the future.

Keywords: Interactive design; Virtual reality; Procedure Generation

Citation: Dan LUO, Weiguo XU. Interactive Spatial Formation in Virtual Reality[C]. Proceedings of 2017 National Conference on Digital Technology in Architecture Education and DADA 2017 International Conference on Digital Architecture, 2017:395-419


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