Two articles published in Architecture Technique in 2017(Chinese)

With the invitation of AT magazine in China, I have contributed two articles in the September issue 2017 to outline the development of AR/VR technology with their influence on architecture industry.


罗丹.增强现实技术在建造施工中的应用探索[J] .建筑技艺,2017(09):40-42

Dan LUO,Discovering Augment Reality in Architecture Construction[J] . Architecture Technique,2017(09): 40-42


罗丹,徐卫国. 虚拟现实与建筑实践[J] .建筑技艺,2017(09):36-38

Dan LUO,Weiguo XU. Virtual Reality in Architecture Practice[J] . Architecture Technique,2017(09): 36-38

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