Human-Computer Coordinate solutions to the construction of parametric brick wall

Abstract: Brick as a construction material is wildly used in construction due to its accessibility and affordability. Also as a standard unit for with diversified aggregation method, it is also adaptable for parametric design. However, due to the limitation in 3D spatial positioning technology and angle guiding system, the construction of a parametric brick wall has its own challenges. The current solution from physical template to robotic arms are limited by their cost, technical requirement, and adaptability. In this paper, combining with construction practice, four innovative human-computer coordination system is proposed to guide the user during the construction of the parametric brick wall by facilitating in the angle finding and spatial locating process.

Keywords: Brick Construction, Parametric Design, Human-Computer Coordination


罗丹,徐卫国. 参数化砖墙的新型建造方法研究[J] .建筑技艺,2017(07):110-112

Dan LUO,Weiguo XU. Human-Computer Coordinate solutions to the construction of parametric brick wall[J], Architecture Technique,2017(07):110-112


Download Link to the Full Paper (Chinese):


Proposal I Cellphone Guidance:

Reference to the collaboration with Dan Teayoung and Austin Smith

Option II Projection:

Option III Automatic Printing:

Option IV Cellphone Portable Automation:


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