Mesh Optimization for Spatial Wireframe Robotic 3D Printing


Int. J. Rapid Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing in Architecture 2018

Author: Lei Yu, Dan Luo

Architecture School, Tsinghua University, Beijing China

Abstract: Most of the polygon meshing system and related algorithm are developed for geometrical optimization with rarely any practical consideration such as material performance and fabrication process. This paper intends to propose a different approach for mesh optimization that took practical elements such as material quality, fabrication sequence, and technical restriction into the consideration, developing a novel meshing algorithm. Through our novel nonlinear optimization process, a data intensive smart polygon mesh network system is generated that are optimized for a highly efficient construction process in coordination with a robotic FDM 3D printing system. The mesh network developed from such process and algorithm is structurally rational, cost efficient with far less construction time.

Keywords: Mesh Optimization, FDM, Robotic Fabrication, 3D Printing Framework, Spatial Extrusion, Digital Computation, Digital Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping,

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