Exhibition Design and Construction: New York-Beijing-New York


17:30 PM, 28th May, 2015


28th May—13th June, 2015


Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY10012


State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China


Northern United Publishing & Media (Group) Company Limited

Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing House Ltd.

Urban Environment Design Magazine (UED)


CBC (China Building Center)

An increasing number of young Chinese architects have chosen to return and build their architectural career in China after completing their education in the U.S.. With a deep respect for tradition, they are tirelessly engaged in giving shape to modern spaces and finding solutions to the sometimes problem-ridden Chinese architecture. Thanks to the sustained reports from mainstream American architecture media like AR, the global profile of Chinese architects is steadily on the rise.

As an important part of the 2015 BEA guest of honor event, this exhibition focuses on Chinese architects who have studied in America and are now practicing back in China. It showcases each participating architect’s unique approach to mediating between renovation and existing structure, modernity, Chinese tradition and critical regionalism, etc., with special attention to practical issues of Chinese architecture and urbanism. Architects invited have either worked in the American architectural sector, or been recognized by mainstream American media. They keep on seeking, with a deep understanding of the cultural aspect of their task, to better contemporary Chinese living spaces with new ways of expression and construction, be it NY style or Beijing flavored.

This exhibition tries to answer these questions: How do these Chinese architects make of and respond to the “new normal” in China? What are the differences in their strategies and solutions to problems in urban and rural areas respectively? How to deal with the tension between renovation and innovation, modernity and tradition etc.?

The exhibition features eight studios with a combination of books, modules, and interview and project videos. With this panoramic view of Chinese contemporary architectural innovation the show aims to encourage debate and stimulate reexamination of the architectural relation between China and America.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Vice President and Chief Architect of China Architecture Design & Research
Group (CAG)

PENG Lixiao
Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine Director of China Building Centre (CBC)
Guest professor at School of Architecture, Tianjin University

Exhibition designer:

WU Wenyi, LUO Dan

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