Detail Kultur-My first full book translation! A good book is worth all the effort!

Architectural details are typically communicated through technical drawings, and from such drawings details are archived, revised, and appropriated. This book presents case studies of the technical constitution and construction of thirteen exemplary buildings realised in seven countries over the past fifteen years. Through an investigative matrix of scaled drawings and analytical texts, the fundamental importance of the detail is discovered afresh, giving insight into the technical complexities behind the often dynamic simplicity of the buildings final form. Including interviews with Zaha Hadid, Eric Owen Moss, Kazuyo Sejima, Thom Mayne, Ada Tolla, Steven Holl, Carme Pinós, more

After 2 years of translation and a equally long process of crowed funding and publishing, this dedicated book finally meets the Chinese audience. Thanks to the 650 co-publisher, the author Prof.Kumpush and my friend Steven who have completed the long process of translation, promotion and publishing with me. It is a long way to make it to the name on the cover!

Here is the amazon link of the English Version:

Preview of the Chinese Version:

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