A Biological smart material solution to the PM2.5 pollution in Beijing

The PM 2.5 air pollution is a serious threat in Beijing. In this studio, we started with embryology course from professor Ali in Rockefeller University in NYC, and search our inspiration from there. Here I proposed a biological smart material that are constantly renewed by bacterial agents within, creating a foam like filling material that could as as filters. it will be used to cover air intake of the metro line in Beijing. Thus when the Metro extracts air into the tunnel, it will be filtered through such mater and landscape. For more detail on the dynamic system, Please see the video:

This design is directly founded on two of my previous research on biological inspired coding and simulation:

Cell Growth 3D

Cell Growth 2D

Some even earlier test with swarm systems:

Swarm intelligence first attempt

Second Attempt in Swarm Intelligence 3D

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