Weaving Tectonics

Project Title: Weaving Tectonics – structural performance-based carbon fibre weaving installations

Project Location: NGV Melbourne Design Week 2022

Project Duration: 4 month

Project Credits:

Project Leader & Chief Designer: Dr. Dingwen ‘Nic’ Bao, Dr. Dan Luo

Designer, Engineer, Fabrication Lead: Zhuoyang Xin

Designer, Engineer, Architect: Xin Yan, Guanqi Zhu

Research Assistant, Fabricator: Xu Cao, Jiayue Hu, Kelton Boyter-Grant, Eryu Ni, Chongyi Tang

Contact: Nic Bao, nic.bao@rmit.edu.au; Dan Luo, d.luo@uq.edu.au

University/School: RMIT University, School of Architecture and Urban Design; University of Queensland School of Architecture; University of Queensland School of Civil Engineering; RMIT University, Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials

Special Acknowledgement: The team gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the University of Queensland, RMIT University, FormX Tech, Eureka TechIn, DCF and PR Asia for making this project happen.

Project Video: https://youtu.be/fVqHafOrmQk

Project Description:

The exhibition showcases robotically fabricated prototypes that explore the potential of architectural form, structure, ornament, and tectonics through topological optimised design methods. The outcome of the new design and fabrication system for large-scale spatial structure is based on a combined workflow of robotic assembly and robotic winding. It validates the feasibility of the proposed system via the design, fabrication, and testing of several full-scale prototypes. The reusability of the robotic assembled temporary support system in the fabrication process further raises its competitiveness among all the manufacturing methods. This technology eventually provides a novel method to build adaptive, lightweight, sustainable, low-cost, and reliable structures.

On March 27th, the project ‘Weaving Tectonics’ successfully started exhibition in Melbourne for the Melbourne Design Week 2022, the structural performance based carbon fiber installation and furniture, presented as a collaboration between RMIT Architecture and The University of Queensland.

The exhibition displays several pieces of novel furniture and large-scale installation physically in conjunction with a video and floor talk that provides an insight into the digital and automation technologies in the design and fabrication process.

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