AR Hololens + Interactive Architecture Workshop

This is a 9 days workshop that I co-taught with Liu Jie. The intend is to explore the fringe of digital and reality, and how information flow between different platform, in space, and finally alter the physicals.

In this workshop I instructed the students to develop scheme in Grasshopper and project them into space with Hololens and Fologram to guide the spatial 3D manual printing using 3D print pen. Also, we made the final AR panel presentation. The location and spatial information from Hololens is also exported into the installation that will influence the lighting quality and the movable parts.

Time: 21th, July, 2018

Venue: Tsinghua University, Beijing China

Event: Tsinghua Architecture Summer School Parametric Design Workshop 2018

Special Thanks to Fologram for providing the trial software.

Interactive+AR Studio

Final Clips:

Demos on class:

Video 1: Information flow between different platforms

Video 2: Hololens guided manual fabrication


AR VR AI_页面_02

AR VR AI_页面_05AR VR AI_页面_06AR VR AI_页面_07


AR VR AI_页面_03AR VR AI_页面_04AR VR AI_页面_09

AR VR AI_页面_08

AR VR AI_页面_11.jpg


AR VR AI_页面_16

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