Translation-Parametricism The Parametric Paradigm and the Formation of a New Style

In the theory of Autopoiesis of Architecture, Patrik Schumacher categorizes styles to epochal, subsidiary and transitional styles. He looks back through history and aligns the epochal styles of architect with socio-economic epoch, mainly based on Niklas Luhmann’s theory. Four major epochal styles are distinguished, as Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism/Historicism and Modernism. Patrik argues here that Parametrism will be the fifth epochal styles of 21st century in architectural history. Parametrism is a solution to organise and articulate the increased complexity of post-fordist network society. It has a series of new concepts and methods, which are different from repertoire of traditional or modern architecture, that one is justified to speak of the emergence of a new paradigm within architecture.

Parametrism has been explored through the world network researchers for over 30 years. It is maturing through a whole series of successful, high profile research and built projects on all scales and across many programmes. The concept of parametrism as an unified style of 21st century, initially as a unified avant-garde design research programme, and eventually as a unified system of principles, ambitions and values that constitute global best practice.


Parametricism – The Parametric Paradigm and the Formation of a new Style

Published in: Time + Architecture, 2012/5, China

Extracts from: ‘The Autopoiesis of Architecture Volume 2 – A New Agenda for Architecture’, John Wiley & Sons, March 2012


Translated by ZHANG Suojiong, LUO Dan

Proofread by GUO Lei

Full Paper Download:

Parametricism – The Paradigm and the Formation of a New Style

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